Aurally Launches On the Algorand Blockchain: No. 1 NFT marketplace for creatives and fans

Abuja, Nigeria 22/02/2024 – Aurally, the pioneering force at the forefront of music streaming, proudly announces its groundbreaking launch as the ultimate convergence of music and Web3 brilliance. Founded by popular Nigerian Rapper, Entrepreneur, and founder of Incredible Music Limited Jude Lemfani Abaga, known by his stage name M.I Abaga, and Meshach Ishaya, CEO of Ashinity Synergy Limited, with a visionary blend of cutting-edge blockchain technology and a passion for artistic liberation, Aurally is poised to revolutionise the music industry landscape like never before.

Empowering Artistic Independence:

In a world where creative control is often relinquished, Aurally stands as a beacon of empowerment for creatives worldwide. By leveraging the power of Web3 blockchain technology, Aurally empowers creatives to reclaim ownership of their creations, ushering in a new era of artistic freedom where boundaries cease to exist.

Real-Time Rewards:

Gone are the days of waiting in the wings for artists/creatives to receive their just rewards. With Aurally’s revolutionary platform, artists receive instantaneous compensation for their work, ensuring that every beat/work is met with immediate gratification. No more delays, no more uncertainties – just pure, unadulterated recognition in real-time.

Web3 Integration Magic:

Aurally transcends the confines of conventional music streaming services by seamlessly integrating the vast possibilities of the Web3 universe. Through the incorporation of NFTs and cutting-edge technologies, Aurally offers creatives and listeners alike an immersive journey into the forefront of decentralised digital innovation, where the boundaries of creativity are endlessly redefined.

Security and Fairness Unleashed:

Trust lies at the heart of Aurally’s ethos, and with our blockchain-backed system, creatives can rest assured that their intellectual property is safeguarded with the utmost integrity. Our transparent and fair environment ensures that creativity flourishes without fear of exploitation, fostering a community where creatives and artists can thrive without compromise.

Additional Features:

Streaming: Start by seamlessly connecting your digital wallet to the platform. Our application supports various blockchain networks, ensuring compatibility with popular cryptocurrencies. Your wallet is your secure gateway to the world of NFTs.

Earn Reward: Seamlessly earn rewards for engaging with your favourite artists and content on Aurally. Every interaction counts towards unlocking exclusive perks and incentives both on aurally and the algorand blockchain.

– Voting: Embrace a new era of decision-making where every participant has a voice. Our DAO governance model ensures that major decisions about the platform’s development, policies, and future directions are collectively made by the community.

Forum Discussion: Hoop into vibrant discussions and connect with fellow enthusiasts on Aurally’s forum. Share ideas, provide feedback, and engage in meaningful conversations about the future of music and NFTs.

Aurally Wins Algorand Global Hackathon 2023:

In a testament to its innovative spirit, Aurally secured the top position in the prestigious Build-A-Bull hackathon, hosted by the Algorand Foundation. With a resounding victory in the consumer category on the Algorand blockchain, Aurally emerged as the overall winner for the entire global hackathon. Partners and judges for this global hackathon included Circle, Wormhole, AWS, Unity, Folks Finance and more. Aurally is grateful for the invaluable support and financial backing from all partners for the Algorand Global Hackathon that propelled Aurally to its level of success so far.

Aurally’s journey is just beginning, but the impact it will have on the music and creative industry is boundless. Join us as we embark on this transformative adventure, where the harmony of music and technology creates an unparalleled symphony of innovation and creativity.

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Nuel Umahi
Nuel Umahi

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