Opportunities: Information and resources necessary
to take action that could lead to success.


We exist to create a better world for creatives. We believe that creatives will change the world for good by making the world a kinder, happier and more beautiful place.

We are building the pathway to that world – one where creatives are empowered to provide value, beauty and inspiration for everyone.

OUR vision

At TASCK, we are connecting creatives to the opportunities they need to thrive. We create solutions that improve the lives of creatives who want to focus on making incredible art. 

We also ensure that we protect creatives in the global marketplace by building safe pathways for them to transact with the global market

the team

Jude Abaga


Toda Kafang

Director of Stories

Debbie Romeo

Creative Director

Jennifer Agaldo

Director of Community

Abuoma Nwadike

Chief of Staff

Tami Romeo

Team Lead, Recorded Music

Anire Nanna

Team Lead, Artist Logistics

Zainab Abubakar

Project Manager

Efe Joseph

Project Manager

David Garland

Team Lead, Festivals

Adekunle Aina

Video Content Lead

Samuel Olawole

Graphics Designer

Judah Ebubechukwu

Project Manager, Community

Joseph Abiagom

Project Manager, Talent

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