David Garland

Live Vertical
Lead @ TASCK

Meet David Garland, the heartbeat behind the Live Vertical at TASCK. With a passion for orchestrating unforgettable live experiences, David is a driving force in bringing the magic of live events to life.

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Event Management

David Garland, the maestro behind TASCK’s Live Vertical, is the embodiment of the art of live experiences. As Live Vertical Lead, he breathes life into the thrill and enchantment of live events, orchestrating unforgettable moments that linger in the hearts of all who attend.

For David, the journey into the world of live events began with a deep-seated love for the stage. With a career dedicated to curating immersive and captivating live experiences, he stands at the forefront of delivering moments that inspire, entertain, and leave an indelible mark.

In his role as Live Vertical Lead, David is the creative force that brings to life a wide spectrum of live events, from concerts and performances to interactive gatherings. His ability to craft seamless and extraordinary experiences, combined with an unyielding commitment to detail, transforms events into mesmerizing spectacles.

David’s discerning eye for talent, an innate understanding of audience engagement, and an unwavering commitment to quality have solidified his reputation in the industry. He’s the go-to person for crafting events that resonate deeply with attendees.

Throughout his career, David has left an indelible mark on the world of live events, creating moments of magic, unity, and unforgettable memories. His work is characterized by awe-inspiring spectacles, seamless productions, and a dedication to the highest standards of excellence.

For those seeking to bring their events to life, music enthusiasts looking for extraordinary live experiences, or event professionals seeking a touch of enchantment, David Garland welcomes you to connect.

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