Campaign Design



TASCK curated the most talked about event in the Hip Hop culture with a cypher which catapulted the brand to the #3 cognac brand in Nigeria


Tasked with engaging celebrities to introduce CCX Lagos as a venue for  events, shows and a hub for creatives.


  1. TASCK in partnership with Chocolate City Music went on a successful  8-city music tour with Nigeria’s top artistes to attract the youth & engage them in conversations that tackled voter apathy.
  2. TASCK curated a discussion platform for Governance and societal issues linking key celebrities with CSO’s working in their fields of interest. With over 150 people in attendance & participation, the intended key partnerships were created.
  3. In a bid to bring awareness to the notorious Social Media Bill that was about to pass as law, TASCK worked with ’10 key celebrities champion the cause to discourage it’ from being passed. From a social media campaign to an excellently attended and covered conference the message was passed & the reading of the bill was suspended