Incredible Music Festival hosts Vector, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz many more in Jos

A number of well known artists descended in Jos for the Incredible Music Festival, a thrilling event that ushered in the New Year. Jude “MI” Abaga and the TASCK creative company gave aspiring artists in Jos the chance to perform on stage in an effort to boost the city’s creative industry. The opportunity to perform at the homecoming concert for the first time was also a wonderful experience for artists who gained their popularity in Jos. The event was also used as a means of motivating young artists to vote in the forthcoming elections in 2023.

The Incredible Music Festival was a unique two-day event that lasted an average of seven hours each day and drew over 3000 people to a gospel concert to ring in the New Year and a homecoming concert on January 2nd. The gospel concert featured artists such as Razzphil, Daps, Jeremiah Gyang, and the legendary Dr. Panam Percy Paul who closed the show with a memorable performance.Dr. Panam interrupted his act to urge the young people in the audience to vote in the approaching elections saying, “We knew that we made mistakes because it was our vote that brought us this calamity but it is our vote that will bring us out. When you go to vote, vote for the freedom of your family.” His short speech was received by cheers from the audience with many young Nigerians promising to vote come 2023. 

The homecoming concert was truly a fantastic way for the people of Jos to show their appreciation for Hip Hop and celebrate their home grown artists. With the likes of Ice Prince, Classiq, Magneto, Vector, and M.I Abaga, the show was full of back to back energy and surprises. Appreciating Jos culture, well-known rapper Vector astonished the crowd by introducing Mama Hamsatu, whose tale is well-known throughout the state as a stone crusher who was discovered by producer Mr. Kleb on the streets of Jos. Fast forward to the Festival where she is given the opportunity to perform on stage alongside Vector.

Tangkat, a fan attending the festival said,  “I couldn’t believe it! It was honestly iconic to see that woman up on stage dancing and singing with Vector. Someone who makes her living from stone crushing is basically a superstar! It made me proud of my hometown and the talents we produce.” 

The surprises kept coming when MI Abaga stunned crowds by performing the song “Crown of Clay” on stage with Vector, demonstrating to supporters and observers that their prior “beef” was, in fact, put to rest. MI further played the opening to the diss track Judah, laughing along with Vector over their past disputes.

In the two days of events, TASCK set out to give a platform to local creatives and their stage played host to a total of 35 local artists. This number is less than a quarter of the other artists who could not be added on due to time, budget  and logistic constraints. The festival provided opportunities not only to performing artists, but also to a wide spectrum of other creatives who volunteered and offered services including comedians such as Osama, Funny Bone, and Senator. 

In keeping with the ongoing #vote4Nigeria,  #iregistered and #sixtypercentofus campaigns, creatives were also encouraged to motivate audiences to collect their PVC’s and vote in the upcoming 2023 elections. Jeblinx, the winner of the #SixtyPercentOfUs challenge, was brought to the stage by MI Abaga and given a cash prize of N500,000 by Ibrahim Faruk, a YIAGA representative.

Through fostering important conversations and sending powerful messages, the TASCK Creative company has remained consistent in its work to improve Nigeria’s creative economy and bridge the gap between creativity and influence. The company is a driving force in the entertainment industry and this event is just an example of its spectacular influence on creatives.

Nuel Umahi
Nuel Umahi
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