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Opportunities: Information and resources necessary to take action that could lead to success.

We represent talented creatives and help them build meaningful careers that will be beneficial to themselves and to society.

We invest in platforms and technology that improve the creative ecosystem so that we can facilitate meaningful value creating partnerships.

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  • Jude Abaga
    Founder & CEO
  • CEO TASCK - Jude Abaga
  • Debbie Romeo
    Co-Founder & Head of Community
  • Jennifer Agaldo
    Operations Manager
  • TACSK Head of Operations - Jennifer Agaldo
  • Nora Rahimian
    President, Incredible Music
  • President Incredible Music - Nora Rahimian
  • Emmanuel Prince Umahi
    Digital Marketer
  • Digital Marketer - Emmanuel Umahi
  • Uduak Ekpedeme Ebong
    Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Onari Otonye Oruye
    Videographer & Editor
  • TASCK Videographer Editor - Onari Otonye Oruye
  • Abraham Chuwang Chang Davou
    Head of Music/A&R
  • Waribi Praise
    Videographer & Editor
  • TASCK Videographer and Editor - Waribi Praise
  • David Garland
    Live Vertical Lead
  • Mercy Oluwabukola Oke
  • TASCK Accountant - Mercy Oluwabukola Oke
  • Ihotu Eritosin-Gregory
    HR Manager
  • TASCK HR Manager - Ihotu Eritosin-Gregory
  • Adesuwa Gina Osawe
    Stories Vertical Lead
  • Matthew Hans-Bello
    IT Manager
  • TASCK IT Manager - Matthew Hans-Bello
  • Osita-Ikjejiaku Chibueze Philip
  • TASCK Videographer - Osita Philip
  • Olamide Oladoyin
    Business Development Manager
  • TASCK Bus Dev - Olamide Oladoyin
  • Zainab Abubakar
    Vice President, IGNITE
  • TASCK Vice President Ignite - Zainab Abubakar
  • William Moore
    Comms Lead
  • Stephanie "Fanii" Onuminya
    Admin Assistant
  • Taiwo Oluwasegun
    Creative Director
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