Day 3 Recap: Breaking Barriers, Amplifying Voices

Day 3 of the Ignite Conference witnessed a dynamic exploration of gender, inclusion, and inequality, featuring impactful sessions and an electrifying female-focused Hip-Hop Event, all led by an outstanding lineup of speakers.

Morning Session: Challenging Stereotypes in the Creative World

L-R: Jennifer Agaldo, Keturah King, Princess Agunbiade, Waje Iruobe, Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu, Wana Udobang

The morning session, titled “From Objects to Creators,” showcased an impressive panel of women from the entertainment and creative industries. This powerhouse panel included Waje Iruobe, the celebrated artist; WanaWana, the prolific writer, poet, and filmmaker; Catherine Omeresan, Account Director for WRTHY; Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu, Executive Director of Policy Innovation Center; Princess Agunbiade, 2nd runner-up Miss Universe Nigeria 2023, and the astute moderator, Keturah King.

Together, they tackled the enduring stereotype that female careers in entertainment are destined for failure due to the assumption that women will eventually become wives or mothers, seemingly incompatible with the life of an entertainer. Each speaker shared personal experiences, shedding light on gender-based limitations in their respective fields.

Notably, Waje Iruobe recounted a poignant story from her university days, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and embracing femininity alongside professional pursuits.

The session culminated in concrete solutions, including advocating for more female-to-female mentorship relationships and empowering women to create their own opportunities.

Afternoon Session: Strategies for Shattering Silence

L-R: Olamide Oladoyin, Chioma Omeruah, Gbemisola Ogunrinde, Ayoola Oluwatosin Azeez, Bamike Adenibuyan

I’m The afternoon session, “Empowering Voices,” was equally compelling. Moderated by AAA, this session featured esteemed speakers including the talented actress and comedian, Chioma Omeruah (Chigul); renowned photographer, Ayoola Oluwatosin Azeez; psychologist, Gbemisola Ogunrinde; media personality, Bamike Ola-Adebuniyan (Bam-Bam), and Child Protection Advocate, Prisca Onuegbu.

The panel delved into the importance of breaking the silence that often surrounds trauma and abuse. Chioma Omeruah passionately addressed the misrepresentation of women in comedy, highlighting the negative impact of jokes that reinforce stereotypes that promote silence and shame.

The session underscored the need to foster a culture that encourages sharing rather than stigmatizes it. Speakers advocated for creating trust-based environments at home, where children feel comfortable sharing incidents of abuse.

Night Session: The HipHop Event

As the day transitioned into night, Ignite Conference hosted “The HipHop Event,” spotlighting the need for inclusion in the traditionally male-dominated realm of hip-hop. The stage was graced by female MCs who showcased their incredible talents and addressed the issue of gender balance in the industry.

This memorable event featured remarkable performances, including standout battles between the skilled G-Neric and the emerging talent, Life Sized Teddy, who recently joined the Mavin label.

L-R: G-Neric vs DabuThaGemini at The Hip Hop Event 

Day 3 was a testament to the power of dialogue, courage, and collective action. As the Ignite Conference continues, we remain inspired by the wisdom, insights, and stories shared by these incredible speakers. Each discussion, each revelation, and each solution brings us closer to a more inclusive and equal future.

Nuel Umahi
Nuel Umahi

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