Ignite Conference Day 2 Recap: A Dive into Health and Wellness

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Day 2 of the Ignite Conference was an incredible journey into the world of Health and Wellness, where we explored the critical topics of mental health and women’s health in two sessions.

Morning Session: Mental Health Matters

In the morning session, we had the privilege of hosting the renowned music artist YCee and the esteemed psychologist Oluwatomi from MANI, who delved into the pressing issue of mental health in the creative industry, particularly in Nigeria.

YCee brought to light the immense pressure that artists face, including the expectations to stay on top and the societal constructs surrounding celebrity status. He emphasized how these pressures can negatively impact an artist’s mental health, sparking an important conversation about the well-being of creatives. Before leaving, he advised creatives to seek help as from his personal experience, professional care can make a world of difference.

Oluwatomi, closed with highlighting the significance of coping mechanisms and the importance of avoiding detrimental crutches like drugs as they incidentally create their own mental imbalances and behavioral changes – even outright addiction. Her insights shed light on the path to maintaining good mental health and the importance of seeking professional help when needed.

Evening Session: Empowering Women’s Health

In the evening, our focus shifted to women’s health, where Dr. Rohda from the Hacey Health Initiative took the stage. She passionately discussed women’s health issues, particularly focusing on the HPV virus. Dr. Rohda emphasized that HPV is preventable, but there are significant challenges in reaching the population with vaccination information.

Dr Rhoda from the Hacey Health Initiative with attendees after her insightful talk on HPV

The conversation in the evening session was multifaceted, touching on topics from how beliefs in conspiracy theories can prevent people from taking vaccines, to the sensitivity surrounding the vaccination of young girls against an STI. The session was not only informative but also heartening, with an enthusiastic audience, including leaders from civil society organizations (CSOs) and various industries from entertainment to fintech.

Creatives in attendance left with a stronger commitment towards incorporating the realities of women’s health in their work to better spotlight this important pillar of society.

The Ignite Conference is on all week until Saturday the 7th – if you are reading this, then you are already a part of the conversation. Come and join us on any day with creatives from every sector – visit

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Nuel Umahi

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